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How to Insert PDF Files on Websites and Display It

How to Embed PDF in Site using iframe

How to Insert PDF Files on Websites and Display It - At this time, we will learn how to show  documents or pdf files on blog pages in the form of blogspot, wordpress or others.
A website is basically an HTML page. When we want to display a file in html, then we must recognize the command file. The command we will be using in this article is the "iframe" of HTML.

iframe is a command used to attach a document in an html page. Well the basic line of code is:

<iframe> .... </iframe>

Some of the basic attributes in using this iframe are:

  • src(url)
    src is the address of our file or document that we store in an online storage.
  • width (pixels)
    width is the width of the document frame that we want to display. This width is expressed in pixels.
  • height (pixels)
    height is the height of the document frame that we want to display. This height is expressed in pixels.
So, when we use an iframe, the command with the basic attributes is:
<iframe src="www.sourceofpdf.pdf" width="640" height="480"></iframe>
That is, we want to display a document that is 640 pixels wide and 480 pixels high. Let's practice. For more details about the attributes of an iframe, you can read here.

Steps to display PDF on Website

In the following I will give an example of using Blogger or Blogspot, yes, you can use this tutorial on other websites such as wordpress, joomla, and other websites.

For example, I want to insert a PDF file into my blog that is Nikon Digital Camera D3300. Then I copy the link and paste it into the iframe attribute, so it becomes:

<iframe src="" width="640" height="480"></iframe>

Now, I put the code above into the post in HTML mode, then save it, it will be like this:

Hopefully this article that can display blogspot, blogger, wordpress, and other websites pdf files can help you.

If you find this article useful, you can share this article. Thank you.

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