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How to Fix Sitemap Can Be Read, But Has Errors Blog

Sitemap Error

How to Fix a Readable Sitemap but Error - The sitemap can be read but has an error, this is the error I got when registering a sitemap on google webmaster.

This happens when we enter the wrong sitemap format into the google console. As far as I know the format for this sitemap must use the .xml extension for example sitemap.xml.

A sitemap is a site structure or a database of articles on our website. So, with one sitemap address, search engines like Google can search all the articles on our website and will be indexed by search engines.

A sitemap or sitemap is an important thing to give to search engines if you really want to get visitor traffic. The question is, "If I don't register my sitemap to search engines, but do I still get visitor traffic?" The answer is yes, but a little.

The sitemap must be registered or entered into a search engine. However, for those of you who are just starting a blog, when registering to Google Websmaster Search Console, the error "Sitemap can be read, but has an error." 

There are two types of sitemaps that we can create for our website. First sitemap for website visitors and second for search engines.

How to Fix it?

Before fixing this error, there are two platforms that are widely used to write blogs, namely blogger and wordpress.

For Blogger

If you are using blogger, you can fix this error message by adding "/atom.xml" or "/sitemap.xml" after your site name.

If you use the default blogger domain or a subdomain such as blogspot, then the example is like this.
Example website:
The sitemap is:

The same is true if you use a TLD domain such as .com, .id. org dll, it's written like:
Example website:
The sitemap is:

Then enter the link into Google Search Console, a pop-up will appear as shown in the following image. If true, then the status will be successful.

Sitemap submit error

For Wordpress

If you are using Wordpress, you can fix this error message by adding "/sitemap.xml" or "/news-sitemap.xml"

Example website:
The sitemap is:

For Wordpress Self-Hosted

If you are using WordPress, use the jetpack plugin to generate the sitemap file. Usually the sitemap generated by this jetpack is "/sitemap.xml"

Example website:
The sitemap is:

That's how to fix and fix the Sitemap can be read, but has an error. May be useful.

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