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Auto Generate Hidden Keywords Tool for Blog Seo Online Free

 Hidden Keyword Link Tool

Hidden Keywod tool  will help you to grow your website with a hidden keyword.

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Basic program by Fahmi


A. What is the Hidden Keywords Tool?

In seo we know the term "keywords", which is one of the reasons Google ranks our website.

Some of the strategic placement are the title, first paragraph, alt tags on images and others. It's all text that we can see.

There is a technique by which we can insert keywords in the article but it cannot be seen by visitors or readers of the article.

The technique is to create a link which does not use anchor text. I named it hidden keyword tool free. You can generate this link using the keyword tool above.


Tool Hidden Keywords for Blog Seo Online Free



Tool Keyword Hidden Link is tool for insert keywords into a link without anchor text to tell the google bot that there are keywords in the article.

This link will may be hidden in your article, but google bot can read it. This is good for increasing the rating from Google.


B. How to Use this Tool

Before you use keyword hidden tool, you must prepare the keywords you want to include. You can search for keywords via Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, ahref, and so on.
For website links, you can use the homepage. Here are the steps:

  1. Enter your website name (homepage).
  2. Enter the keywords that you have researched,
  3. Click the run button. then the link will be generated automatically.
  4. Enter a link into your article in html mode. then click publish.

The google robot will crawl your article and get the keywords that you hide. 

If you have any ideas and suggestions, please send to us to make it even better.

Have a nice day...

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