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Download Google Chrome exe Offline Windows

Chrom exe Offline Installer for Windows

Download Google Chrome exe To Install Offline Windows - Talking about web browsers, we know browsers that are often used such as Google Chrome is Google's web browser, Safari is Apple's web browser, Microsoft Edge is owned by Microsoft, Opera (Opera Mini) is owned by Opera Limited.

Generally people prefer to use Google Chrome. The reasons also vary, because they using Android, automatically have a Google account, a fast secure browser and so on.

Download Google Chrom exe Untuk Install Offline 2020
 Google Chrome Offline Installer

In addition, Google Chrome is also free and we can also enjoy additional features from Google such as account synchronization, many add-ons and the available translate feature using Google Translate.

In the past, to be able to install Google Chrome is quite easy. You download the application and install it immediately without having an internet connection during the installation process.

Now, especially for you beginners, sometimes confused with the installation process.

By default, Now Google Chrome must be installed online. This means that you must be connected to the internet during the process.

Some people may feel comfortable with this, but not with others.

There are some people who don't have fast internet access, so the Google Chrome Offline application is needed.

Download Google Chrome exe File Offline

In this article I will share this chrome application in the form of a full offline exe. So that you can download this exe file just once and the installation process can be done without the internet. Previously it would be nice to read the following file description. This is only for 64bit machines.

  • nullGoogle Chrome App
  • Name ChromeStandaloneSetup64.exe
  • 2020 version
  • .exe format
  • File size 66.7 MB
  • For 64-bit machines
You can download this application directly by clicking the button below.
However, if you want to be able to download google chrome exe with the latest update (perhaps), you can also go to the link here.
That's all I can share this time, I hope the Google Chrome offline article is useful for all.
If there are problems, questions, or requests, please comment below.
Thank you for visiting this  website.

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