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How To Make A Floating Share Button on Blogger

Floating Share Button on Blogger

How to make a floating share button on blogger - In a website there are several types of share buttons or share articles.

Among them the share buttons are Floating, Inline, Expanding, Image Sharing, Popup, Banner and Slider.

How to make a floating share button on blogger
Contoh tombol share melayang blogger

The floating share button is one of the most recommended share buttons to get a lot of shares. The share button that will appear even though our article scrolls down.

Why is the floating share button preferred? because with this floating button share readers or visitors will always see this button.

And most likely it will be easy to share our article.

If we use the share button in the form of an inline like at the beginning of the article or the end of the article, then most likely we will share our article a little.

There are several ways to create a floating share button on the blogger, but I prefer to use

I've tested it by creating a floating button on this website, you can see on the left.

The advantages of, in my opinion, are light and easy to make.

Just by adding the code provided and inserting into the template, the floating share button is ready to use.

How to Add a Floating Share Button on the website

Here I will list how to create a share button on blogger. The method is easy:

  • Open the website
  • Then please log in, if you don't have an account, please register.
  • Then click the tools menu which is on the top left side menu.
  • Click add new tool
  • Select the share button
  • Select Floating
  • Click Continue
  • Then select the settings that suit your desires
  • And click Activate Tool
  • Then a page will appear providing the script code.
  • Copy the script code
  • Open the blogger template settings, then search for "</body>"
  • Place or paste above </body>
  • and Save.

Now please reload your website and you will see the share button on the left.

Hopefully this article can help your blog to get more traffic.

Thank you for visiting, hope it is useful.

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