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Artificial Intelligence VS Machine Learning

What is Machine Learning and How is it Different from AI?

Explanation of Artificial Intelligence VS Machine Learning - When learning about artificial intelligence, we will often come across the term Machine Learning. Then what is the difference between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is a branch of science from artificial intelligence or a small part of Artificial Intelligence.

For example, a Tesla Car has artificial intelligence where the car has an Autopilot feature that can run and drive automatically without anyone driving.
Artificial Intelligence VS Machine Learning In Tesla Cars Example

There are at least two parts of processing to do that. The first is a tool (machine learning) for road traffic processing and the second is a tool (machine learning) for processing hazard situations around cars.

So Machine Learning is the components to be able to build an artificial intelligence (AI) system and artificial intelligence is built on some machine learning.

Machine Learning Classification

As far as I know, machine learning is divided into 5 types:

  1. Supervised Learning
    This means that we create a code program/machine with artificial intelligence with a known end goal.
  2. Unsupervised Learning
    This means that we create a code program/machine with artificial intelligence, where we provide  data, then the machine will learn the patterns of the data independently with the final goal of being grouped according to certain groupings.
  3. Reinforcement Learning
    This means that the code program/machine is made to be able to learn based on experience.
  4. Deep learning
    This means that in the code program/machine there are of layers of interconnected neurons (neural network), where by learning this model the results obtained are faster.
  5. Reinforcement Learning + Depp Learning
    Another word for this term is Artificial General Intelligence. That is, learning this model will make the code program/machine able to imitate the pattern of the whole human mind. This is the modeling that AI researchers dream of.

Hopefully this article is useful.

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