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How Can We Program An Arduino? Preparation.

Illustration of How An Arduino Platform Can Be Used

How To Program Arduino For Beginners Basics - For beginners this is the most important basic. After you know that there are many types of Arduino on the market, the next step is to know how to program the Arduino itself.

Illustration of How An Arduino Platform Can Be Used
Image by Tayeb MEZAHDIA from Pixabay

A. Preparation

To learn to program the most basic Arduino, there are several materials/tools that must be prepared, namely:
  1. Hardware
    - Computer
    - Arduino Uno + Data Cable

  2. Software
    - Arduino IDE

B. How does Arduino workflow so that it can run as desired?

To be able to control the hardware from the microcontroller on the Arduino Uno board, for example, it takes a program code called firmware.

Firmware is a small file with .hex format that contains commands to be able to control a microcontroller.

To be able to create this firmware file, it takes a software that is able to change the C, C++ or Assembly program code into .hex. as the owner of Arduino has created a program or application that can program Arduino. This application is called Arduino IDE.

Arduino IDE is free, you can download it on the official website. Through this Arduino IDE, we will create a firmware that will be embedded into the chip on the Arduino.

But please note, besides Arduino IDE, there are several other code editor software that you can use such as Atom, Visual Code and so on.

For you beginners, Arduino IDE is the best choice. Because this software provides a simple way in the chip and library configuration process.

The workflow for an Arduino platform can be illustrated as follows:

  • User Makes Program Using C++ Language in Arduino IDE
  • After the program is completed, the program will be compiled (processed/processed) by the Arduino IDE
  • After compiling it will issue a .Hex file
  • The .hex file will be sent from the computer to the Arduino via the data cable
  • The data received by the Arduino board will be converted first by a Serial Converter chip
  • After that, the data goes into the microcontroller mikro
  • The microcontroller will run something according to the program
  • User See the result
That is an illustration of how an Arduino platform can be programmed and work as desired.
For the next we will learn how to install Arduino IDE.

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