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Baud Rate of 9600 Arduino On Serial Port. What Does It Mean?

 What is Arduino Baud Rate?

A. Serial Communication

What is Baud Rate Arduino Serial Communication Microcontroller - In this tutorial, we will discuss what Baud Rate is. We often encounter this when we want to use microcontroller arduino serial communication.

Baud rate of 9600 Arduino on serial port what does it mean?
Arduino Baud Rate

Every data sent via serial communication, there will be rules that make the data can be sent and received properly by the receiving device.

The rules for serial communication are:

  • The re is a presence of data bits
  • There is a synchronization bit
  • There is a parity or check bit
  • There is a baud rate

In this article we will focus on the baud rate and its values.


B. Explanation of Arduino Baud Rate

In serial communication, Baud Rate is a data transfer rate in units of bits per second (bps). If the baud rate is 9600, it means that the ability to send data is 9600 bits in one second.

1 character is same as 1 byte.

1 byte is 8 bits.

This means that within 1 second, 9600 baud rat can transfer 1200 characters..

The higher the baud rate we will use the more data that can be transferred in 1 second.

This data transfer capability also depends on the baudrate regulation between the sender and receiver. The baudrate value that is set must be the same between the sender and receiver.


C. Arduino Baud Rate Value

On arduino, the default baud rate is 9600. Some othe baudrate values ​​like 300 baud,1200 baud, 2400 baud, 4800 baud, 9600 baud, 19200 baud, 38400 baud, 57600 baud, 74880 baud, 115200 baud, 230400 baud, 250000 baud, 500000 baud,  1000000 baud,  and 2000000 baud.

If we convert it into the number of characters that can be sent in one second, the number will be as follows:

  • 300         baud rate can send 37            characters per 1 second
  • 1200       baud rate can send 150          characters per 1 second
  • 2400       baud rate can send 300          characters per 1 second
  • 4800       baud rate can send 600          characters per 1 second
  • 9600       baud rate can send 1200       characters per 1 second
  • 19200     baud rate can send 2400       characters per 1 second
  • 38400     baud rate can send 3800       characters per 1 second
  • 57600     baud rate can send 7200       characters per 1 second
  • 74880     baud rate can send 9,360      characters per 1 second
  • 115200   baud rate can send 14400    characters per 1 second
  • 230400   baud rate can send 28800    characters per 1 second
  • 250000   baud rate can send 31250    characters per 1 second
  • 500,000  baud rate can send 62500    characters per 1 second
  • 1000000 baud rate can send 125000  characters per 1 second
  • 2000000 baud rate can send  250000 characters per 1 second

D. Why 9600 baud rate is used?

In general, best baud rate arduino is 9600 because many serial devices also use this speed. For the highest speed that is often used is 115200.

I hope this article is useful.

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