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Virtual Serial Ports Emulator Download For Windows Free

Download Virtual Serial Ports Emulator 

Virtual Serial Ports Emulator Download For Windows Free - Virtual Serial Ports Emulator (VSPE) is a software that is able to create and manage PORTs on a computer virtually.

Virtual Serial Ports Emulator Download For Windows Free
Virtual Serial Ports Emulator 

The Virtual Serial Ports emulator (VSPE) is meant to help people deal with things like serial ports. Today, the serial port is no longer in widespread use. The reason is simple: this is pretty old stuff.

Modern hardware usually connects to computers via high-speed USB ports and sometimes installs their own UsbToCom drivers. The serial port is not installed in most new notebooks.

There are certain devices that require an RS232 or RS422 compatible serial port. VSPE can help developers to build and debug applications without installing real hardware.

Compatibility with older applications. VSPE can help people make data streams from any source (such as TCP connections, USB ports, and so on) visible to any program via a virtual serial port.

To make multiple virtual serial ports work at the same time. You can do this without installing a serial port extension board.

To share serial ports for multiple applications.


Distinctive characteristics of VAPE

VSPE has limitations which are described in the Restrictions and known bugs section.

At the current stage, our main goals are:

  • To provide binary data exchange between applications or devices.
  • To create original solutions. The Connector and DataSplitter devices are vivid examples of such solutions: they create a COM port that can be opened more than once.
  • To provide an easy user interface.


Product main features:

  • Virtual device: connector (Kernel mode)
  • Virtual device: data separator (Kernel mode)
  • Virtual device: pair (Kernel mode)
  • Kernel mode device: Mapper
  • User mode device: TcpServer
  • User mode device: TcpClient
  • User mode device: Serial Redirector
  • User mode device: UDP manager
  • User mode device: Bridge
  • Monitoring and data logging
  • Embedded HTTP server
  • x86 and x86_64 processor architecture support
  • Embedded Lua scripting language
  • VSPE API (C/C++ headers and static libraries) for native language developers
  • VSPE Python API binding for Python developers
  • VSPE API COM interface



  • OS: Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista



Due to Microsoft's Kernel Code signing requirement, we had to purchase a digital signature (price $499 per year), which is why VSPE is not freeware for 64 bit platforms. For 32 bit platforms, VSPE is free.



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