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Types of resistors on the market

Types of resistors that you should understand

Types of resistors on the marketipe - Before we use resistors in our design, it helps to know the type of resistor in order to choose the right resistor.

1. Types of resistors based on the material

Resistors have many types that can be made based on the composition of the material. Each resistor material has its own advantages and disadvantages

As for the material, the resistors are :

  • Karbon Resistor
  • Metal Element Resistor
  • Metal Film Resistor
  • Thick Film Resistor
  • Thin Film Resistor
  • Wire Wound Resistor
  • Semikonduktor Resistor

2. Types of resistors based on the shape of the pins 

Resistor when viewed from its physical form consists of 2 types:
  • Through-Hole (Axial)
  • SMD
  • MELF

3. Types of resistors based on their value

When talking about resistance value, it refers to a fixed or variable value. From that, the type of resistor when viewed from the size of the value is:
  • Fixed Value Resistors
  • Variable Resistors

a. Fixed Value Resistors

A fixed value resistor is a resistor that has a fixed resistance value. Usually this resistance value can be determined based on the color of the band or the number written on the resistor body.

Besides having a fixed value, this resistor also has a tolerance value, temperature coefficient and power capability.

For self-tolerance these fixed value resistors range from 0.001% to 20%. The smaller the tolerance value, the more accurate the resistance value.

For the temperature coefficient value, this fixed resistor ranges from -1500 / -900ppm / degree Celsius to 1800ppm / degree Celsius.

For power capabilities, this resistor has a power capability ranging from 0.05W (1 / 2W) to 150W.

b. Variabel Resistors

Variable resistors are resistors with variable values.
The process of changing this value can occur due to the influence of humans, temperature and light.
These resistors become several types again, namely:
  • Potensiometer
  • Rheostat
  • Thermistor
  • Magneto Resistor
  • Photoresistor
  • Humistor
  • Force Sensitive Resistor

4. Types of resistors based on their use / application

Because the use of this resistor is very wide, it would be nice if we know the type of resistor based on its application, including:

  • Power Resistor
  • Current Sense Resistor
  • Automotive Resistor
  • Safety Resistor
  • Moinsture Resistant Resistor
Hopefully this article can add to our insight in choosing resistors.
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